Sustainability’s Competitive Advantage

Peoples ethical spending has always been of great interest. After meeting a particular customer I wondered if sustainability was finally becoming part of consumerism… Could it be possible that people are beginning to think of ethics first?

The customers very first question was;

‘I am looking for a responsible holiday where I can make a positive impact on Namibia, how does Responsible Travel’s holidays provide this?‘.

Sustainability and social consciousness has suddenly been given a competitive advantage. So perhaps it is time for businesses to move fluffy, tokenism charity work into real business practices?

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Insetting… Do companies really need to invent a word to use their common sense?

I was a little stunned when I read the Guardians most recent article on ‘Insetting’. This is apparently a new incredible approach to ethical business. But reading a little deeper, it does comes across as perhaps just another buzz word that PR managers can use to overcome their green washing accusations. Continue reading