Why I’m ignoring Facebook

Recently the underbelly of an angry Facebook world was opened up to me by accident. It made me reconsider how much I really wanted to be involved in the online world. I was no longer in control of what I saw, read and therefore learnt; on Facebook everybody else chooses what I see! But further to that, Facebook ultimately has the last word. This felt a little unsettling and I decided to dig a little further and my decision to ignore Facebook was quick and easy. Continue reading

Conservation Benefits of Captive Animals

The below picture really caught my attention this week. It is an incredibly provocative example of our relationship with animals. How does it make you feel? Does it make you want to support the conservation of orangutans or fight to put this one back in the wild?


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Airlines Efficiency Lie

In a rather timely manner, after my previous post, I read an article about some revelations in emissions caused by the airline industry. I won’t lie, I am silently smug because it supports my argument that the airline industry can do more to improve its efficiency. The International Council on Clean Transport, who are behind the VW emissions scandal, released a report that suggested there was a 51% difference in fuel efficiency between the most pollutant and cleanest airline.

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Feel Good For Tourism

I have been told by a very wise person that perhaps I should take another look at what I am writing and reconsider my approaches. So I have reassessed … she is completely right.  I work in tourism because I believe it is a tool that can do so much good in the world, so why am I always complaining? Probably because this blog is based on recent things I hear in the news and as you well know, a lot of the things that we see in the news are negative. So lets switch this around and look at the positive in a negative story I heard this week.

The story that shocked me this week was a short documentary called The Elephant in the Room that was possibly inspired by the Blackfish effect. The short documentary investigated captive Elephants across zoos in Europe. I am sure you will agree it is an incredibly sad documentary. In many places we watch elephants in their concrete confines without really considering the cruelty behind it. So what positives can be taken from this story?

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