A place full of trees and kind people. I may be a little biased because my girlfriend is Finnish… But, I truly love this country, its language, the fact the floor is covered in mushrooms and blue berries and they know how to cook the best chicken wings!





Lisbon, the food capital of the world for me. If you like to eat, go to Lisbon, eat as many restaurants as you can and drink all their wine, it is incredible. Don’t forget to go and try the custard cakes from where they were invited – Pasteis de Belem.



Like most things, I did the Camino de Santiago a little differently from the rest. I went from Tui, on the border of Portugal straight up North to Santiago. I arrived only to find my map was useless because it was for the whole of Spain and I was only walking a tiny section and that I had no idea which way to go or how to find the trail.

The next day I found a shell and started walking. The walk started a little industrial but then made it to small towns, quiet countryside and interesting tracks. I stayed in Albergues where I started to wonder why people got up so early and wore head torches that shone right in your face! Nobody spoke English on my route, so it was just me, Nelson Mandella and the Long Road to Freedom – seemed appropriate…



If you see mountainous landscapes and green valleys on Instagram more often than not the picture would have been taken in Switzerland. The walks amongst the green hills are almost too perfect and accompanied by a soundtrack of cowbells ringing in the distance. Bern has the best Picasso gallery I have ever been to, with hundreds of paintings. Although I was more impressed by Giacometti’s work housed downstairs in the same gallery.

During the winter, the skiing and views are incredible. Skiing was not my parent’s thing so we went mountain walking and then ‘single ski’ sledged all the way down, brilliant!