Tiger Temple; whos to blame?

The warning signs have been around for a very long time. Responsible Travel has been campaigning for its closure for years, Born Free and other NGO’s have been screaming out to people to stop going. There are even films on YouTube showing tigers being hit so what went wrong, why did it stay open for so long? Why are we all surprised that 40 dead cubs were found in the freezer when the National Geographic linked it to a black market trade? Continue reading

Whats the special today? Tiger Bone Wine?

This blog was written in the light of an article of a lawless land not too dissimilar to a futuristic conservation version of Blade Runner. The area of land was bought from the Laos government by the Kings Roman Group who promised 20% of the profits to the Laos government. The money is generated by casinos and shops as seen under development in this video.

The 10,000 acres is a tax free zone called the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone or aptly named Sin City by the Environmental Investigation Agency. A huge illegal trade of endangered species passes through Sin City for shops and restaurants to serve up as medicines, drinks and meals, one restaurant even has its own tiger farm! But, this drove me to wonder, why do the Chinese go to such lengths to obtain these non-scientific medicines? The whole world’s criticisms are so deafeningly loud that it must be heard in every district across China. The answer to this question must be in the healing powers of the product. Continue reading