It’s time to take another look at animal captivity

Responsible Travel recently reviewed and removed all holidays that visited zoos. The overriding consensus is that ‘animals should not be held in captivity unless there are for good reasons‘. With evidence of abnormal and stereotypic behaviours being shown by many animals in captivity Responsible Travel has decided that it is inhumane to keep animals in unnatural environments. Some of the worrying behaviours exhibited by captive animals can be seen here. Continue reading

China’s Animal Welfare Problems

China’s views on animal welfare are clearly lagging behind the rest of the world. Its ownership of the worlds saddest polar bear and how it uses animals for entertainment in this horrendous video suggests that perhaps theirs actually no animal welfare values at all. Continue reading

Tiger Temple; whos to blame?

The warning signs have been around for a very long time. Responsible Travel has been campaigning for its closure for years, Born Free and other NGO’s have been screaming out to people to stop going. There are even films on YouTube showing tigers being hit so what went wrong, why did it stay open for so long? Why are we all surprised that 40 dead cubs were found in the freezer when the National Geographic linked it to a black market trade? Continue reading

Cecils Death, The Media Hype!

What a month and half its been for wildlife conservation! But it seems things are now starting to calm down giving us all some time to catch our breath, brush ourselves down and reflect on recent events. Since Cecil the Lion’s death the media have had a field day and long shall it last! The more publicity this story gets the larger the audiences conservation will be attracted. It’s a welcome step away from the economy and towards subjects that really matter. However, over the past month, an uncomfortable concern has been growing on how beneficial the media really is, especially in relation to its impacts. This time of calm is a good opportunity to revisit the case of Cecil, look back over the medias role and perhaps reinvigorate the hunting argument.

Continue reading

Trophy Hunting, the Namibian Desert Elephant

Before you read on I must make it very clear that I do NOT support hunting tourism or trophy hunting. Similarly, when I ask people whether hunting tourism is acceptable the quick answer is always ‘NO’. However, I also believe there must be an important reason why countries offer their wild animals and also most valuable tourism assets to be hunted and killed.

The sad news that Namibia has recently granted permits to hunt the rare desert elephants, that are uniquely adapted to living in the dry conditions, stunned me and spurred me to write this blog. I knew that a country that has been celebrated in the past for its wildlife conservation efforts with their creation of communal conservancies to prevent poaching and has a conservation mandate written into its constitution will have a strong reason to offer these hunting permits. So, for my opening blog I thought I would investigate a little deeper. Offering a bit more than a simple ‘NO’. An argument that can be followed with ‘its not right because…’ or ‘its ok because...’ or ‘I still cant make up my mindContinue reading