5 Reasons To Double Down On Your Purpose

Companies are understandably eager to get back to business. Sadly, many will desperately need a cash injection to stay afloat, and funds will naturally be the primary purpose and priority. As lockdown eases, the bottom line will inevitably be locked in the crosshairs. But, this shouldn’t devalue your purpose, especially as it’s become your superpower 1. During lockdown, you were true to your values 2 now is the best time to double down on your purpose. Here’s why:

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Is There An Empathy Delusion in Marketing?

A rising tide of evidence for purpose marketing has been shored up by Covid-19. Companies have grappled with how to engage an audience who are in lockdown. The challenge; limited resources, reduced purchasing abilities and interests more attuned to health and wellbeing rather than shopping. Companies quickly became more empathetic through purpose marketing, sidestepping from profit-first to community-first. Although, as lockdown eases, there have been questions surrounding purpose marketing and how empathy is used in promotions. Are these questions well-founded?

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Is Cognitive Dissonance Good for Business?

Maybe. If you’re prepared to try a purpose-driven strategy.

A fairly pessimistic article titled ‘Are Brands Overvaluaing Authenticity and Social Purpose?‘ suggested, whilst consumers demand more authentic, sustainable and socially positive businesses, in the end, ‘purpose’ will not drive their decision making. Product and price weigh far heavier. But, it doesn’t account for an alternative impact of cognitive dissonance and ignores a critical factor in the marketing funnel, word-of -mouth.

Although, the article does raise a legitimate question and one that should be explored when companies are considering their values and mission. Purpose-driven marketing needs to be authentic and come from the organisation’s core, aligned with the value proposition or the ‘Why’. Starting a purpose-driven marketing strategy to generate business moves your purpose away from cause and closer to making money. People will sniff out inauthenticity instantly, and the organisation will suffer as a result.

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Purpose Driven Marketing

Covid-19 has incentivised many brands to ramp up their social purpose, relaxing competitiveness in favour of co-operation. Businesses shouldn’t be looking to attract shoppers, but fans who buy into a shared value system.

The community in which your business operates is your success and your revenue. The success of your business depends on the health, wealth and happiness of this community, which means its time to invest in them!

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Bucket lists are an ironic benefit to the overtourism problem

I understand that much of the overtourism problem was created by bucket lists in the first place. However, what if it is also used as a form of crowd control? Rather than trying to combat the crowds, which in my opinion is a battle you can’t win, work with them. A recent article in the Telegraph – Have tourists ruined the world? highlighted that although these destinations are suffering from overtourism, you can still wander off the beaten path and into peace & quiet. Continue reading

Verona to Venice

Wondering the streets of Verona and Venice, with no particular direction or aim, is the best way to explore these cities. Both have winding narrow lanes that will open to a plaza, a great bar or small coffee shop. The opportunity to sit, think of nothing and enjoy a wine or a coffee whilst people watching is probably one of the most wonderful things. Continue reading