Purpose Driven Marketing

Covid-19 has incentivised many brands to ramp up their social purpose, relaxing competitiveness in favour of co-operation. Businesses shouldn’t be looking to attract shoppers, but fans who buy into a shared value system.

The community in which your business operates is your success and your revenue. The success of your business depends on the health, wealth and happiness of this community, which means its time to invest in them!

But, due to the current climate, diversification is also key. Investing in your community will turn your customers into advocates. A normative social influence will help your product catch on and your business can enjoy a steady flow of ‘fans’ through word of mouth.

The well known Simon Senik quote, “They don’t buy what you do, they buy you do it” seems to ring even louder today.

Marketers should look further afield or get creative with generic digital tools like Google paid ads & social media marketing. Its time to invest heavily in community generation rather than play a role in marketing mediocrity.


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