Responsible Tourism; The New Luxury

According to Skift ‘the new luxury is defined by small brands with big stories’ and I couldn’t agree more! Skift’s megatrends of 2017 have touched on something amazing for responsible tourism. Stories are essential to selling responsible tourism and the industry is full to the brim of anecdotes just waiting to be told.

Skift defines today’s luxury as;

‘It’s about the personal journey, the experience, and the story behind it all. And that, in and of itself, presents the hospitality industry with an incredible opportunity to deliver truly bespoke and memorable experiences for today’s discerning luxury traveller.’

I think this is the key reasons why responsible forms of tourism are growing in popularity; Scotland and Singapore are just a few examples. This surge in interest is why companies have included it within their product. Exclusivity and delight is a big part of the luxury experience which is linked to unique and outstanding experiences. In its very nature, responsible tourism is experiential travel, creating authentic and immersive experiences.

So essentially, we can all travel in luxury, experiences do not cost the world.

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