Fossil Fuels, ‘We Don’t Need You!’

Building a society without fossil fuels is possible. We need to shake of the myth that it cannot be done. The belief that a country needs to choose between nature and development is complete rubbish. This TED Talk explains all.

Costa Rica, although relatively special due to its volcanic activity, produces nearly 100% of its energy from renewables. However, Austria and Germany have taken huge leaps without a volcano in sight.


Countries all need to take brave steps. In 1948 Costa Rica abolished their army replacing fighting with conservation. They turned military spending into social spending. It is now a very stable and safe country, a country that thousands travel miles to soak up its nature and perfect beaches.

Investing in environmental protection will not hurt a countries economy or dent its protection. Costa Rica is a small country in comparison to America or England but they have big ideas. England recently spent £205 billion on Trident, a deterrent against nuclear attacks which are argued to be extremely unlikely. However, prior to this, England stopped offshore wind farm subsidies when climate change is a certainty. We need a reality check, stat!


We know how vulnerable we are to climate change, the effects it has on the earth around us and the deaths it causes. It’s really time to pull our fingers out and start pointing it at the ones that are letting us down. As a very sunny destination, Australia is a good place to start, watch this video from the Climate Council for more information.


3 thoughts on “Fossil Fuels, ‘We Don’t Need You!’

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  2. There is no need to convince me that a future without fossil fuels is possible. Furthermore it is a necessity because fossil fuels are finite. Crucially, with each passing month setting a new temperature record, now is the time to cut our dependence on fossil fuels. There are some easy choices that can reduce our fossil fuel consumption by a huge amount. I won’t suggest any, but would suggest reading “How Bad are Bananas; The Carbon Footprint of Everything” by Mike Berners-Lee to make an informed choice based on the facts.

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