Why I’m ignoring Facebook

Recently the underbelly of an angry Facebook world was opened up to me by accident. It made me reconsider how much I really wanted to be involved in the online world. I was no longer in control of what I saw, read and therefore learnt; on Facebook everybody else chooses what I see! But further to that, Facebook ultimately has the last word. This felt a little unsettling and I decided to dig a little further and my decision to ignore Facebook was quick and easy.

OK, I know it sounds ridiculous and perhaps an over sensitive but think of it this way, Facebook is merely Chinese whispers on a huge scale. How much of it is actually true and are people questioning the information? The worrying thing is, the doctrine of angry/shocking rather than passive/liberal ideology always gets more attention on social media platforms thus, it becomes important to question Facebook’s impressionability.

So you are wondering what I saw…

This video popped up on my news feed. The video portrays supposed ‘Muslim’s’, as indicated at the bottom of the video, abusing women. Of course, this video is quite inoffensive in comparison to some of the videos that are available and furthermore I have probably seen worst behaviours out on a Saturday night. However, it’s the comments that I want to draw your attention to. Firstly, how do we know these men are Muslims? The answer is we don’t, but according to 212 comments, a lot of people seem to have bought into it. A few comments do question the reliability of the video but they soon get swallowed up. The video has now been viewed 34,865 times and the question how impressionable Facebook audiences are soon becomes a worrying one.

This video was posted on a group called Irish Patriots, it has an ongoing theme encouraging islamophobia running throughout its posts. Facebooks role now helps propagate and magnify this type of behaviour by rallying people together with similar bigoted beliefs. Rumours soon become fact and the group mentality can now encourage and confirm information that supports its purpose. Fiction is soon translated into fact confirming the memberships biases. The membership has now swollen from 38,500 people to 39,100 people in a day, does this concern you? Have a look, whats the membership now?

I have never reported anything on Facebook but I decided to find out what happened if I did. According to Facebook’s community standards, ‘Facebook removes hate speech, which includes content that directly attacks people based on their … religious affiliation’. It is unquestionable that this is propagating hate speech towards Muslims and so should be removed. I reported it as hate speech of a religious group and received the below reply…


facebook‘Thank you for taking the time to report something that feel may violate our Community Standards reports like yours are an important part of making Facebook a safe and welcoming environment. We reviewed the video you reported for displaying hate speech and found it doesn’t violate our community standards’



This obviously demanded a sad face reply and my following comment…

‘Thank you for your reply. So I assume you support the spread of hate language against a religious group? I am surprised that a video that has been shared 568 times and is propagating racist language and behaviour doesn’t violate your community standards. The language within the comments is disturbing and while this video stays on Facebook the longer Facebook is being used as a catalyst for racial extremism. I wonder what would happen if it was a video showing Christians? Please review all the comments and videos on Irish Patriots Page otherwise I will be forced to take it further.

Unfortunately, I received no reply and I am unsure how to take further action, but I suppose this blog is one meaningful step. The Irish Patriots page is full of islamophobic extremism and according to Facebook’s community standards, the whole group should be removed. But it is still there and growing in size… If you want it removed then report it, just click here and click on the menu button on the banner.

According to Facebook’s community standards, they want to encourage people to ‘see the world through the eyes of others’. So let me ask you this, if the Irish Patriots page is up and running spreading racist propaganda then why cant Isis have its own Facebook group? Whats the difference, they are both spouting extreme racial and religious hate speech…

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