Whats the special today? Tiger Bone Wine?

This blog was written in the light of an article of a lawless land not too dissimilar to a futuristic conservation version of Blade Runner. The area of land was bought from the Laos government by the Kings Roman Group who promised 20% of the profits to the Laos government. The money is generated by casinos and shops as seen under development in this video.

The 10,000 acres is a tax free zone called the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone or aptly named Sin City by the Environmental Investigation Agency. A huge illegal trade of endangered species passes through Sin City for shops and restaurants to serve up as medicines, drinks and meals, one restaurant even has its own tiger farm! But, this drove me to wonder, why do the Chinese go to such lengths to obtain these non-scientific medicines? The whole world’s criticisms are so deafeningly loud that it must be heard in every district across China. The answer to this question must be in the healing powers of the product.

The following is a specials menu of what I thought could appear within a Sin City restaurant. Of course most diners will not be so considerate, but below the product I have also copied in a link to charities and NGO’s that are working hard to prevent this type of illegal trade. Enjoy your meal!

tiger-bone-wine-vatTiger Bone Wine – Brewed here in our very own tiger farm. An elixir created from bones soaked in strong spirits traditionally brewed with antelope horn, red sage, and dried ginger. This drink will make you as strong as the tiger you are drinking, more potent in the sack, reduce arthritis and improve circulation.

Help Born Free fight wildlife trade 

moon-bear-in-a-metal-jacketMoon Bear BileFresh bile extracted directly from the living bear in ‘crush cages’. The bile is as fresh as it comes, dripped from catheters inserted in the living bears gall bladder. This medicine is pretty spectacular, it is ideal for many problems, if not all problems; stomach and digestive disorders, kidney problems, trauma, sprains, fractures, hemorrhoids, conjunctivitis, severe hepatitis, high fever, convulsions, and delirium.

Support Animals Asia in ending bear bile farming

rhino hornRhino Horn – Served as a powder, used for over 2000 years this miraculous remedy can cure many problems. A fever can be eased and favorited by the Vietnamese as a cure for cancer. It can help you drink more than your mates, make you a bit of a sex machine and then ease that hangover after your sex machine moment. It can also stop any hallucinations, cure typhoid, carbuncles and boils. However, if you are looking for something a little inexpensive, at $65,000 a kilo this as an expensive dusting, perhaps just bite your nails, its made from the same stuff.

Help save critically endangered rhinos with Save The Rhino International

pangolinscales-78a28cc15417dfb912942c6fd3d595e24c9e46ac-s800-c15Pangolin scales – choose from different methods of preparation; either roasted, ashed, cooked in oil, butter, vinegar, boy’s urine, or roasted with earth or oyster-shells. This will cure a range of illnesses and perfect for the business man who suffers from excessive nervousness or an individual who cant stop their children from crying. It will also help with exorcisms any ogres or ward of the more down to earth problems such as malarial fever and deafness. If you are about to eat or thinking of using this as an aperitif, Pangolin Scales are perfect for the promotion of menstruation and a discharge of puss from abscesses and boils.

Help prevent save the Pangolin from extinction with SavePangoline.org

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