Walking the Old Man of Coniston

I got it! A weather window. It wasn’t looking promising, especially as the girl in the YHA said she hadn’t known it to be so wet and grey. It’s been tipping it down so hard, everytime I looked at the sat nav on my phone I had to lean over to create a body umbrella. Anyway, as you will see, the views up the Old Man and along the ridge were well worth the journey.

Beginning from the Coppermines of Coniston YHA, which is over looked by the Old Man, I started my hike. Here is a photo journey of my route


Overtourism; the 10 causes

Overtourism occurs when the balance between the negatives of tourism outweighs the benefits.

Large numbers of tourists can upset the local residents, especially if they do not feel the positives created by a tourism boom. As popularity rises so does the cost of accommodations. Furthermore, the noise disrupts normal life, and places are trampled by high numbers of visitors. Continue reading

It’s time to take another look at animal captivity

Responsible Travel recently reviewed and removed all holidays that visited zoos. The overriding feeling is that ‘animals should not be held in captivity unless there are good reasons‘. With evidence of abnormal and stereotypic behaviours being shown by many animals in captivity Responsible Travel has decided that it is inhumane to keep animals in unnatural environments. Some of the worrying behaviours exhibited by captive animals can be seen here. Continue reading

8 steps to selling responsible tourism

So the UN has declared 2017 the year of sustainable tourism for development. Tourism is responsible for 10% of the world’s GDP and has huge developmental potential for countries with limited exports but are rich in cultural and environmental experiences. 2015 saw 1.2 billion international travellers, it is time to take this growth seriously, ensuring it has positive rather than negative impacts.

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Sustainability’s Competitive Advantage

Peoples ethical spending has always been of great interest. After meeting a particular customer I wondered if sustainability was finally becoming part of consumerism… Could it be possible that people are beginning to think of ethics first? This was being considered because the customers very first question was;

‘I am looking for a responsible holiday where I can make a positive impact on Namibia, how does Responsible Travel’s holidays provide this?‘.

Sustainability and social consciousness has suddenly been given a competitive advantage. So perhaps it is time for businesses to move fluffy, tokenism charity work into real business practices?

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Fossil Fuels, ‘We Don’t Need You!’

Building a society without fossil fuels is possible. We need to shake of the myth that it cannot be done. The belief that a country needs to choose between nature and development is complete rubbish. This TED Talk explains all.

Costa Rica, although relatively special due to its volcanic activity, produces nearly 100% of its energy from renewable’s. However, Austria and Germany have taken huge leaps without a volcano insight.

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