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Conserve Tourism is an opinion based blog aided by current news and happenings within purpose marketing, sustainability and responsible tourism sphere. Articles are written by Saul Greenland, a marketing and PR specialist who can be found on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Always looking for adventure, Saul keeps a photoblog so you can follow his journeys.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Conserve Tourism!

  1. I work with a citizens’ initiative named Ohrid SOS. We hope to inform a more responsible travel industry in the UNESCO Ohrid region of the Republic of Macedonia. Here is Lake Ohrid, one of the most species rich lakes on earth by surface area, and Mount Galichica, a national park that also harbors very high biodiversity. Some of the flora and fauna exist nowhere else in the world, so it’s a really special location.

    Tourism is an important industry to the region and many people depend upon it. However, recent plans have been to increase accommodation and activities by draining wetlands, cutting apart the national park with an express road and ski-resort, and multiple lake shore developments, all of which pose large-scale dangers not only to habitats and species, but ultimately to UNESCO status too.

    So far, Ohrid SOS, other organizations and supportive members of the public have managed to hold off these worrying plans, but it is crucial both to provide more benign tourism alternatives and to discuss tourism from many different angles so that a more complete understanding of its costs and benefits comes forward. Too often, benefits are presented, but losses–such as water quality deficiencies if the wetland is urbanized at Lake Ohrid–are not considered. This doesn’t just hide ecological concerns but economic ones too, because when environmental damage becomes serious, people will have to pay to prevent the situation from getting worse.

    Seeing blogs like this that look to present a more balanced picture of tourism is really positive and there are some thoughtful ideas contained within, which will help organizations like ours. I look forward to reading more.


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